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Bridget is an expert snow boarder, and spends a lot of time in Vermont and Telluride.

She thinks intelligence makes a woman elegant.

Bridget's all-night partying and clubhopping earned her the nickname 'wild-child'.

Her favorite food is "Hamburgers," and she "hates" sweets.

Has two cats called Taz and Belle.

Bridget got her first modeling job at the age of 9, modeling for a JC Penney catalog.

At age 14 she dropped out of school, and is rumoured to still only have a grade 8 education.

In 1994 Bridget was on the cover of 5 magazines simultaneously.

She made an appearance in an episode of TV sitcom, Cybill.

Bridget Hall is one of the Dallas Cowboys biggest fans.

In an Italian restaurant in New York City Bridget announced to the table that she was a vegetarian, but when the waiter came she ordered spaghetti with meat sauce.

She made approximately $2 million in 1994, and her estimated worth in 2000 was $3.5 million.

"Leonardo explained how the rain forest was being cut down to make more pasture for cows."

- her explanation for being a vegetarian

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