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Estella Warren was born on 23 December, 1978 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Her Mother, an Elementary school principal, and her Father, a used-car salesman, she is the youngest of three sisters, one of whom is named Julia. During her high school years, Estella had no friends but
excelled in swimming and became a world-class synchronized swimmer. She joined the Canadian National Team and represented her country at the world aquatic championship in which she finished second.

She began modelling after she was in a fashion show at high school, and her Polaroid was sent to a modelling agency in New York. Her first shoot was a somewhat casual one. Highly acclaimed fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth snapped some polaroids of her while they were riding in a limo. The pictures came out fun and sexy, and before long, she appeared in three issues of Italian Vogue, photographed by Von Unwerth. She say's "I thought it would be fun but it was hard work."

Estella was then chosen as the model for the Chanel #5 campaign, and then the Perry Ellis campaign. She says she likes modelling because she gets to meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds. "You learn to deal with different characters". Estella also likes the travelling that goes with modelling internationally.

While Estella was in New York, she says she missed the open space of Canada, but that New York has such a fun, fast, invigorating pace. "You get so much done in a day here."

Estella says that to keep her model figure, she exercises a lot. "I get an adrenaline rush after exercising every day. I run, bike, do yoga or hike. I like to take bike rides with my boyfriend. At the gym, I do cardio, sit-ups and stretch". She also says she eats plenty of vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and whole grains. "When I really crave something sweet, I treat myself to cookies and ice cream. I also love steak."

Estella's hobbies include singing, swimming, horseback riding and playing the piano. She says that if she wasn't modelling, she would love to get into acting, or she would want to own a classic French restaurant or a bar/restaurant, because she loves to cook.

Estella decided to take up acting after all. She was in four films released in 2001. They were "Driven" in which she played Sophia Simone, Tim Burton's remake of "Planet of the Apes" (starring Mark Wahlberg) in which she plays Daena, and the romantic thriller "Tangled," in which she costarred alongside Rachael Leigh Cook, as well as the fashion industry-set feature "Perfume".

In 2003 she went on to play a character named Charlene in "The Cooler," with Alec Baldwin, and Jessie in the Australian-set action comedy "Down and Under," or "Kangaroo Jack." Also the same year she was in "I Accuse."

Her acting continued in 2004 with the films "Blowing Smoke," "Pursued," and James Merendino's "Trespassing (a.k.a. Evil Remains)."

In 2005 She will continue to grace the screen in her forthcoming movies "National Lampoon's The Trouble with Frank," "Nomad: The Two Worlds," "In Your Dreams," and "Glamorama."

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