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Estella Warren is 5'9 and Mark Walhberg is 5' 7 1/2. Walhberg was placed on a platform in his scenes in PLANET OF THE APES (2001) with her so as to appear to be taller than her.

Estella was #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 Babe List in 2000.

She dated actors Josh Hartnett (Pearl Harbor) and Kip Pardue (her co-star in Driven).

She resides in Los Angeles, and also New York City.

Estella's favorite Designer Label is Chloe.

Her hobbies are horseback riding, playing piano, singing, and of course swimming.

She was a professional synchronized swimmer on Canada's national team.

Estella has been swimming with the Canadian national team since age 12. She is a champion syncronized swimmer but missed the 1996 Atlanta Olympics due to her modelling committments.

She has become known for her voluptuous, sexpot looks.

"Coming from a barely clothed childhood as a swimmer makes me really comfortable with my body"

“Everything is happening so fast,” she says. “I mean, I only started acting eight months ago.” And now? “I get to kiss [Apes costar] Mark Wahlberg. How bad is that?”

"I really wanted to go to the Olympics, but everyone wanted me to model for them, so I said what the hell, why not!"

"If I can't use my beauty now, I'm never going to be able to. This is the way I'm going to get myself to a position where it isn't a factor."

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