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Her dream is to live on the beach and enjoy the good life.

She dated magician, David Blaine for two years.

She appeared in an old Backstreet Boys video where Howie is a vampire sucking blood from her neck. There was controversy because Backstreet Boys fans thought that she must be his girlfriend. He even went out onstage and said, ‘That wasn’t my girlfriend in the video.’ He did ask her for her number, though. She said no, "They’re nice guys, but butt ugly. And they weren’t all that famous yet, either. I really hate their music, especially when you have to hear it all the time."

She became a Guess? Jeans model in 1998. Some of her other modeling credits include Maybeline, American Eagle, and the 2001 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Her first film, The Mallory Effect came out in 2003.

"I'm still figuring out why people would want to look at me. Maybe it's generic beauty, but it's weird to be valued for something I was born with."

“I’m usually a mellow, go-with-the-flow person, except when someone tells me I should do something. Then I get stubborn. If they don’t back off, I get this horrible rage and want to kill them. When I was four and my mom would send me to my room, I’d get so mad I’d go outside and bang my head on the sidewalk.”

“...I also did an Herbal Essences shampoo commercial. You know—‘It’s organic’—three girls getting really excited while shampooing. Basically, I wore a G-string and had fake orgasms in the shower for three days straight. The director would actually say, ‘OK, it’s starting…OK, it’s building!…OK, you’re peaking!"

“Red wine and sushi is my favorite. I like eel, yellowtail, and tuna, but I’m obsessed with sea urchin roe. Obsessed. I need it. When I eat it with my friends, I freak them out a little because it’s almost orgasmic. I say, ‘Can you guys feel it?’ They’re, like, ‘Whatever.’ Eating it is an experience that I like to have alone. I love the creamy texture.”

“My dream is to have sex twice a day. Every time I get into bed, I want it.”

"I don’t believe in marriage. Why do people screw up a perfectly good thing with a contract? I just want to have fun, happy sex and romance.”

"I'm a totally sexual person, and sometimes -- with the clothes and the poses -- I just don't know how sexy I can be."

“I love talking about sex, but doing it is better."

“Vibrators are really important for girls. Boyfriends should accept them and make friends with them. I just got my first vibrator, and it’s so exciting."

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