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Kate made approximately $2.2 million (U.S.) in 1994. Her estimated worth in 2000 was $26.3 million, and she charges at least $10,000 per day.

She was engaged to Johnny Depp.

She has apartments in Paris, France and London, England, but home base is in New York City. When she was with Johnny Depp, they bought an apartment on the Place Dauphine, in Paris.

She has a tiny heart tattooed on her hand.

She once signed an autograph 'Kate Depp'.

Her favourite drink is Coca-Cola.

Mostly known for her unhealthy image, her thin figure is what started the waif look and she is known as a heavy smoker.

She was on the first issue of Russian Vogue.

In November 1998 Kate checked into the Priority Clinic, in London in order to kick her heavy drug and alcohol habit.

In 1999 she dated Billy Zane.

In 2002 after her baby Lila was born Kate shelled out £1.800 for an eight-week workout course with David "The Body Doctor" Marshall.

Superstar David Bowie chose Kate Moss to feature on a remake of one of his most famous album covers in 2003.

In March 2004 Kate Moss was named the world's best-dressed woman by Glamour magazine.

Also in 2004 Kate was said to have fallen in love with Tomb Raider star Daniel Craig.

In early 2005 she began dating, hellraiser Pete Doherty from the Libertines

In February 2005 her naked portrait, painted by Lucien Freud was sold for 3.9 million pounds ($7.2 million American) by Christie's auction in London.

Kate Moss spends £1000 a week on looking good.

"My very first job was modelling topless for The Face."

"I got tired of feeling like Dracula. I wanted to see some daylight, and not just at six o'clock in the morning." - Kate Moss, on long work hours and her excessive party days.

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