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Kylie has allegedly been involved with Donald Trump, Jayson Williams and Sheldon Souray.

She has appeared nude in Playboy, and Kylie says very little retouching is needed with her body.

Kylie Bax is known for her amazing breasts, but when men walk up to her and ask if her boobs are real or not, they'll want to feel them while they're asking, and it really bothers her.

In the earlier days of her modeling career, Kylie had a look that was more boyish than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue bikini model that she transformed herself into.

Kylie followed in her mother's footsteps by modeling, though her success in the profession has greatly eclipsed that of her mother.

She owns a 100-acre ranch in Kentucky to breed racehorses, as well as her homes in New York and Los Angeles.

Former boyfriend Marcus Schenkenberg had anal sex with her and she has said that she enjoyed it.

"I want my children and grandchildren to see what I look like now." - Kylie's explanation for why she posed nude for Playboy

“When I’m a blonde, I can say the world is purple and they’ll believe me because they weren’t listening to me. When I’m a brunette, I find that people take me more seriously.”

“Eenie, meenie, minie, mo.” - how she picks her boyfriends

“I like to hang out with the guys and stay in bed the whole weekend and watch sports.”

“I love watching basketball. I love going to hockey games and basketball games and just hanging with the guys—99.9 percent of my friends are guys. I’m not the sort of person who goes, ‘You have to take me to dinner.’”

"I had a great time. There was this room full of sex toys—everything you can imagine, from chairs with dildos on them to chains and whips and guys wrapped in plastic."

"I like to walk around my apartment naked. I like sitting around in the nude watching sports, actually."

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